Friday, November 28, 2014

Free Track - Jack U Ft. Kiesza - Take U There- Sneaker & The Dryer Edit

Sneaker & The Dryer hits us with a solid remix of Jack U's "Take U There", which plays out more like a complete original rather than a remix, slashing our ears with pristine quality and grooves that will have you dancing for days!!!

Kicking things off right with a large 4/4 kick, S&D quickly filters in rolling bass, pitch-bent leads and a myriad of vocal chops and stabs before heading into the first breakdown of "Take U There"!

With beautiful vocals from Kiesza throwing listeners into an epic break, Sneaker & The Dryer utilizes deep and soulful piano in front of rolling snares and sweeps, driving us into the gnarly meat of "Take U There"!

What can be said about the epic Complextro esque bass that fuels this massive tuna, it's wide frequencies and peak-time feel send us into the stratosphere, as S&D builds to a Trap infused second breakdown that completely captures the feel of "Take U There"; and if that wasn't enough Sneaker & The Dryer gives us a straight mix out that makes this track such a joy to play out!!!

Pick this amazing tune up today so you are not missing out on these massive vibes!!!  

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Wang Rong Rollin - Chick Chick

Where do you even begin when it comes to doing a writeup for something like what you are about to watch? There isn't much more that I can say other than it's completely fucked!

Starring Chinese Pop Star Wang Rong Rollin who has been around since 2003, "Chick Chick" is an odd combination of Psy meets "What Does The Fox Say" on LSD. Actually having more success with the video outside of China than in her own country, Wang's producers and the video's creators were clearly hoping for a viral sensation. I think it worked, 10.1 million views in the first month on the main video!

My advice to you is, if you have a spare tab of Acid or some caps lying around, have at those and give it a bit then get yourself started with this video. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Free Track - ZooFunktion - Dubai - Heaviside Remix

Heaviside hits us with a big tune this Thanksgiving!!! They drop an all out Electro House assault with their remix of ZooFunktion's "Dubai"!!!

This Canadian duo puts their skills together to give listeners and dancers a gnarly, peak-time, Big Room banger, as they saturate speakers with bending leads, large drums, flowing percussion, and Progressive esque vibes that make this remix of "Dubai" so enjoyable!

Make sure to grab this track today so you don't miss out on the massive sounds that are held within!!!

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Free Track - Ribellu & Shwann - Traffic

Shwann is at it once again!!! This time he teams up with Ribellu to bring us a slamming, 4/4, peaktime, Electro House original banger with, "Traffic"!!!

Here's what Shwann has to say about "Traffic"

"Ribellu & Shwann combine forces and styles in their first collab, "Traffic", a track that delivers 2 unique but equally powerful drops and an energetic break that's guaranteed to get your hands in the air! Enjoy the free download!"

Download this fantastic track by following the link below!!!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Archery Trick Shots - Dude Perfect

Robin Hood had better step up his game, Dude Perfect are here with some insane archery trick shots!

Ok, I admit, the background music is not exactly the type of stuff we would normally have on the Kick It Blog but if you really can't handle the Country, just mute it! You'll still be be able to enjoy the video for what it's worth.

From actually curving a shot and still hitting a target to nailing the world's longest shot with a bow from a ridiculous length, these guys hit some killer shots and use creativity to keep things interesting.

My personal favorite is the basketball on the arrow into the hoop but there are quite a few badass hits made!

Dude perfect have a ton of other entertaining stuff on their YouTube channel as well so check em out!

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