Thursday, April 23, 2015

Free Track/1000th Post - Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy With It - Lewd Behavior Remix

Tonight marks a very special occasion! This is the 1000th post we have done on the Kick It Recordings Blog! I find no way more fitting than to celebrate by telling you about an awesome free track and the producer who made this remix possible!

On January 11th 2013 the 22 year old producer Wyatt Compagna aka Lewd Behavior passed away. In Lewd Behavior's honor, his brother has been finishing his previously unreleased originals and remixes for family and fans to share!

With massive Glitch Hop vibes Lewd Behavior's remix of Will Smiths "Gettin' Jiggy With It" is sure to brighten up you day and set a spark of energy in the club!

Be sure to keep an eye out for new tracks that are sure to be funky and fresh!

Free Track - Spoonie Gee Meets The Sequence - Monster Jam - Bobby C Remix

The one like Bobby C Sound TV drops a fantastically funky Mid-Tempo remix of "Monster Jam" by Spoonie Gee Meets The Sequence! With almost 8 minutes of play-time, this track is a dream made in mix heaven!

With almost no breakdowns, "Monster Jam" is a banging Breakbeat fueled beast that just doesn't quit! Bobby C delivers deep sub bass and energetic vocals in a way that make this remix a perfect crowd rocker!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Free Track - DJ Marky - The Way - Featurecast Remix

The one like Featurecast drops a fantastically funky Breakbeat remix of DJ Marky's "The Way", delivering fresh vibes and sub driving basslines for all!!!

A quick mix-in leads to a multi-instrument fueled first breakdown, as Featurecast builds up to the swinging groove filled meat that is "The Way"!

With a second breakdown equally as atmospheric as the first and a mix-out that gives you just what you want, Featurecast knocks "The Way" out of the park!

Here's what Featurecast has to say about this awesome freebie - 

"It's feeling a little like summer here in the UK so I thought it's a good excuse to give this DJ Marky remix away taken off my last mixtape Blam! Hope you all enjoy it :) and please don't forget to help spread the word by sharing and re-posting where you can :) I really appreciate all your support."

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Free Track - Christian Q & Shokstix - Daenerys - A Tribute to The Mother of Dragons

Christian Q and Shokstix are back again!!! This time around they hit us with another remix from the powerful show Game of Thrones, giving us a massive, hands in the air Electro House adventure with their track "Daenerys"!

With two epic breakdowns, a heavy mix-in and mix-out, and meaty goodness centered around the theme for Daenerys, Shokstix and Christian Q make sure that "Daenerys" is for fans of the show and DJs a like!!!

Here's a little bit from Shokstix about this fantastic track - 

"Christian Q & Shokstix are back with a new Tribute single to Season 5 of Game of Thrones with a rework of Ramin Djawadi's 'Mhysa' , the recurring theme for Daenerys Targaryen .

Since we are huge fans of the show so it was only natural to do another Game of Thrones rework this year. We tried to capture the essence of Daenerys, her journey so far and loved playing with the themes from the show. We hope you guys like it !"

Download this tune today by visiting the LINK below!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free Track - Shwann - Pandemic

Coming at us with an exclusive free banger tonight is the one known as Shwann! He teams up with The Kill Shot to bring us a dark and bendy Big Room club smasher titled "Pandemic", infecting us with the deadly sounds of triplet timed madness!

With wonderful textures and sound-scapes Shwann takes "Pandemic" to a fittingly eerie and almost frighteningly massive dimension! Hitting us with epic breakdowns, on the edge of our seat build-ups, and drops that are so nasty that they will rock you to the core!

Download this track for free today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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