Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Free Mix - Tooltime Vs Genesis - Old School Breakbeats Special Edition

Tonight we have a glorious old school flavored Breakbeat mix from Tooltime and Genesis! They give us almost two hours of funky grooves and hard club bumpers with their mix "Old School Breakbeats Special Edition"!!!

Here's what they have to say about this fantastic mix - 

"Special Edition Old School Breakbeat Set you have been asking for and requesting for such a long time... Tooltime vs Genesis is HERE!! Please share with friends. This one is about as old school as old school can get Breakers."

Old School Breakbeats Special Edition 

Tooltime Set List

01. - Mike Oldfield "Far above the clouds" Jam and Spoon Remix
02. - Huda Hudia "That Congo Track"
03. - "Beachball" Icey Remix
04. - Dj Gemini  "Cry little sister"
05. - Dj Knightlife feat silver blue "Do You Know"
06. - Tony Allen "Take Me Higher"
07. - Dj Icey "Sweet Harmony"
08. - Infiniti "Children of the 80's"
09. - Dj 303 "Phat Bass"
10. - Space Frog "X Ray" Brad Smith Remix
11. - John Doe "Lover"
12. - Icey "The OneDj" 

Genesis Set List

01. - Mr Smith "Shiny Disco Balls"
02. - DJ Icey "Low Down Good Girl"
03. - DJ Icey "This Is The United States Calling" Pink Floyd Remix
04. - Cyberian Knights "The Sound Of Underground"
05. - DJ X "Orgasm"
06. - DJ 43 "Pepper Spray" Infiniti Remix
07. - DJ Hydraulic "Dats Dat Shit"
08. - Fixx "Got 2 Have It"
09. - Sharaz "In My Dreams"
10. - Dangerous Breaks "Check This Out"
11. - Olive "You're Not Alone" Infiniti Remix 

Tooltime on Facebook - facebook.com/Crescent-Records 

Genesis on Facebook - facebook.com/Official.DJ.Genesis

Monday, December 15, 2014

Free Track - Flight Of The Conchords - Business Time - WBBL & Father Funk Remix

Oh yes you are not seeing this wrong!!! Father Funk and WBBL have just released a funky Glitch Hop remix of "Business Time" from Flight of The Conchords!!!

Staring off with the funky bass and guitar that drive the original, Father Funk and WBBL quickly add the iconic vocals that make so many people say daily it's "Bussiness Time"!!! With Glitch Hop goodness throughout and added vocal samples from Biggie Smalls and Eminem this is one funky track you can't miss out on!!! 

You can download the MP3 for free from soundcloud, or you can download a WAV version here!!!

Here's what they have to say about this funky fresh tune - 

"To celebrate reaching 1,000,000 total plays (holy shit sauce!) I'm unleashing mine and WBBL's remix of "Business Time" by Flight of The Conchords - this one's been a real highlight in my DJ sets recently, goes down a treat!"

Father Funk on Facebook - facebook.com/fatherfunk

WBBL on Facebook - facebook.com/wbblbeats

Friday, December 12, 2014

Free Track - Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al - Toreba Spacedrift Remix

The eccentric artist that is Toreba Spacedrift has just release a funky feel good House remix of Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" just in time for the weekend, giving the classic a modern treatment with bouncing bass, heavy drums, and a myriad of synths and stabs!!!

Kicking things off with the iconic brass melody that "You Can Call Me Al" is known for, Toreba Spacedrift quickly hits us with a tight and hard 4/4 beat as he strategically filters in vocal chops from Paul Simon, as bass and full drums hit in front of arpeggiated leads and sweeps giving us a meaty and upbeat track that is a perfect warm up for any set!!!

With over 5 minutes of non stop action this is definitely one track you should pick up today!!!

Toreba Spacedrift on Facebook - facebook.com/TorebaSpacedriftBand

Toreba Spacedrift on Twitter - twitter.com/torebaspace

Ken Block - Gymkhana 7 - Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles

Here it is boys and girls, Ken Block's Gymkhana 7 - Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles!

Being my favorite out of the series, a few weeks ago I posted Ken Block's Gymkhana #5 from San Francisco in anticipation of the release of his newest masterpiece. Well, it's here and it's badass!

Featuring an absolutely insane, 100% custom built, all wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang with 845 horsepower the likes of which you have never seen before, Gymkhana 7 is an all out assault on the asphalt of one of the US' most famous cities!

Right from the get go the intensity is ramped up to full throttle as Ken gets all four wheels of his Hoonicorn RTR pouring out smoke while holds the release switch in his left hand. With the engine screaming at 8,000 RPM, Ken presses the button and it's on like Donkey Kong.

Tearing out of the warehouse at god only knows what speed through a small opening with the cabin full of smoke, Ken pulls the handbrake and gives you the first taste of what this baby can do.

Capable of pulling moves off that I have never seen before, this is one Mustang that seriously makes use of it's four Monster tires! The way he gets her to spin around at the 6:30 mark is just plain physics defying and out of this world and the aerial shot from the copter above makes it even better! Shifting through sequential gears in about a second each, Ken's newest baby hits top speeds in scary times!

One of the best shots in the video is when Ken pulls into Randy's Donuts and proceeds to do donuts around the establishment, priceless! Another personal favorite is when Ken manages to loop around a killer low rider as it's hydraulics send it vertical, the timing! The guy operating the low rider does take a tiny step to the side too as Ken's coming, who can blame him!

With a massive cloud of smoke rising from underneath the equally massive overpasses of L.A to close things out., I would have to say that Ken Block and team definitely live up to the hype of the Gymkhana name with this one. Can't wait for the next installment now! Did somebody say London... shhh.

And as an added bonus as I'm feeling in the Christmas spirit, here is Boobkhana from Ken and team in Japan for you as well, enjoy!

Ken Block's Website - http://www.hooniganracing.com/

Free EP - Beat Fatigue - Funkaholism EP

Beat Fatigue drops a feel good, 5 track Glitch Hop EP, that is completely free, and massively bumpin!!! The "Funkaholism EP" is just what the title implies, a straight up funky selection of down and dirty club killers!!!

The first track "Hard To Believe" is a beautiful and soulful introduction to this EP, with vocals that rip through you with a wonderful atmospheric charm!

Second is the title track "Funkaholism" a unique down low groover that is driven by one hell of a funky lead that bends and pulls the song along accordingly as vocal stabs saturate the sound-scape with heavy vibes!

"The Funk Jam" is a guitar riddled, Jazz fused, off kilter sexy jam, that quickly transforms into a glorious Glitch Hop  and Jazz combo!

Taking another crack at a guitar based groove  "The Bearded Dragon" is a laid back trip into a world that is completely comprised of sounds from another decade!

Last is a sweet and sensual number titled "Synthesized Coitus" that closes this EP out it the most classy way imaginable!!!     

Here's what Beat Fatigue has to say about this fantastic EP - 

"Since it's almost christmas I thought it would be a nice gesture to give away an EP!

And it's now available for download!!!!!! 

I want everybody to be able to get this one!! AWESOME!

I also want to let you know that I really want to take my music production and my live performance to the next level. I got big plans and I want my next release to be as big as I currently have created in my mind. And therefore I need some serious new equipment, instruments and collaborations to be able to do this, so every little donation will be very much appreciated and used for quality new equipment to get better and more awesome results for my next release! Thanks in advance, you are all awesome!"

WAV Download Link - beatfatigue.bandcamp.com/funkaholism

MP3 Download Link - facebook.com/Beat-Fatigue