Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Free Track - Slamboree - Cheeky Peepers - Freerange DJs Glastonbury 808 VIP Mix

The Freerange DJs hit us with an awesome VIP remix of Slamboree's "Cheeky Peepers", giving us a lethal dose of big bass action!!!

Here's what they have to say about this awesome free release - 

"This 808 VIP version of Slamboree's hit track "Cheeky Peepers" was custom baked last year ready to play at the Glastonbury Festival and we've been playing it in all our sets ever since. This tune is a certified festival dancefloor dildo! 

After Deeklines remix of "Cheeky Peepers" went on to win Best Remix at this years Breakspoll and now we're another Glasto down we decided its about time we gave this one away!"

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Free Mix - Shwann - Rage Tracks Spotlight Series

The one like Shwann drops a massive mix for the Rage Tracks Spotlight Series, hitting us with only the finest Electro business!!! He also gives us a little insight into the mind of The Futuristic Samurai DJ, sharing a little of his past, present, and future with readers and listeners as he is interviewed by Rage Tracks!!! 

Rage Tracks Spotlight Series #46 - Shwann

01. - Chris Lake "Helium" Tom Swoon Remix
02. - Lush & Simon "Banshee"
03. - Bynamic "Acid Spark" 
04. - Krewella "Enjoy The Ride" Emzy 303 Remix
05. - Martin Garrix "Proxy" Charity Strike Remix
06. - Clockwork & Congorock "Infinite Mana"
07. - Dada Life ft. Sebastian Bach "Born To Rage" Mercer Remix
08. - Sick Individuals "Rock & Rave" 
09. - APX "Speed Of Light" 
10. - Merk & Kremont "Amen" 
11. - Kastra "Dolla Billz" 
12. - Bare "Apvche" 
13. - Arno Cost & Norman Doray "Apocalypse 2014" Kryder & Tom Staar Remix
14. - Blue Veiins "A Letter Of An Interlude" Three Of A Kind Remix
15. - Chvrches "Tether" Junior Sanchez Remix

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Free Mix - Deekline - Summer Bass Mix July 2014

The one like Deekline drops a massive half hour mix of only the hottest and gnarliest Breakbeat and Bass action! Bringing bootys to the floor with Deekline's "Summer Bass Mix 2014", a slamming combo of hard hitting action and funky rhythms!!!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

New Release - KIR347 - Lino - VIS

For Kick It Recordings newest, balls to the wall release, Lino delivers an amazing, energy filled, triplet infused, Electro House epic, with his juggernaut, “VIS”!

Lino begins with a crisp flow of Kicks, snares, high hats, sweeps, and gnarly synth stabs, hitting listeners with precise sounds and sparkling clean production right off the starting line and then moving heavily to a quick vocal build up before pulling us into the gigantic meat that’s held within “VIS”!

With an all-out massive breakdown, Lino seems to pack the anticipation and soundscape of two breakdowns into one, pressing and pulling ears with hard leads that are far from the standard Trance synths, grinding and filthy, he accompanies these perfectly with phased out sweeps, and deep bass grooves before he throws us right back into the midst of peaktime, dance floor exploding action!

This massive release wouldn’t be complete without a big Breakbeat jam, and the one like Joe C is here to deliver, trading the triplet timed format of “VIS” for broken madness and adding a plethora of extra sounds, textures, and synths, he glues them all together with some of the phattest Breaks our ears have ever heard!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 07-28-2014

Support From

The Crystal Method - "Cool Tunes!"

Kickflip - "Cool stuff!"

Cally & Juice - "Liking both of these. On first listen I preferred the original mix but after a few listens the Joe C remix has very quickly grown on me! Think I'll be playing that one out"

Wavewhore - "Joe C Remix is nice!!"

Reality Randy - "Solid!"

Bootz Saint - "Awesome, can't wait to hear more of this!"

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Free Track - The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian - Skeewiff & Sammy Senior Remix

Skeewiff and Sammy Senior drop a little Summer love on all of us with their new remix of The Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian", giving the classic track a perfect Breakbeat re work, that is funky just as much as it bangs away with massive basslines and killer soundscapes!!!

Here's what they have to say about their brand spankin new remix - 

"The summer is here! Are you hot? Yesssssss! Are you wet? Yessssssss! Do you want to hang out and be ridiculously good looking? Yessssssss! Yessssss! It can only mean one thing….ORANGEMOCHAFRAPACHINO! >>Jitterbug<< Nooooooo! Oh no, not today.

Today, friends, is a beautiful day.

Today Sir Skeewiff-how-very-dare-you the third and the right honourable Reverend Samwise Senior don short cut red leather jackets, pull on diamante studded fingerless gloves and own our sorry asses with their sexual prowess and latex lunges. It doesn't matter if you can’t turn left, or own a centre for moonwalking ants, not when you can walk like an Egyptian!"

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