Thursday, November 20, 2014

Free Track - Tigerlily & The Only - Daylight - Jason Risk Remix

Tonight we have a very special track from the one like Jason Risk with his big and bouncing Melbourne remix of Tigerlily and The Only's "Daylight"! Giving us not one free track but two different versions of his remix! One version with a slowed down second drop, and a version that stays true to a 128bpm format!!!

Here is what Jason Risk has to say about his newest remix - 

"Hey all here's my remix to Tigerlily & The Only's "Daylight". Originally it was for the comp but I got swamped with other deadlines so had to prioritize!

If you don't like the second drop because its slow, there's also a version that's just 128bpm the whole way, available here"

Alternate Version -

Jason Risk on Facebook -

Jess Greenberg - All Along The Watchtower Cover

Holy hooters Batman, it's Jess Greenberg! YouTube sensation Jess Greenberg has been making a name for herself with her acoustic guitar and tiny black tank tops since 2010.

Winner of Ryan Seacrest's "Totally Covered Summer" in 2013, Jess has been consistently picking up attention from other big names as well like her support from Sports Illustrated this past August for her cover of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. WZLX called her cover of "Highway to Hell", the Breast Ever!

Jess has got an amazing voice and is a wicked guitarist and it's all backed by looks that could kill! My personal favorite from Jess is her cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watch Tower". Crank it up and enjoy the view!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Free Mix - Future Funk Squad - Retro DJ Mix

Tonight we have a slamming Breakbeat mix from the one like Future Funk Squad!!! He drops an old school vibe assortment of broken beat madness with his newest mix "Retro"!!!

With a large amount of Future Funk Squad remixes, and some originals, "Retro" is a fun and funky mix that you'll love getting down to!!! 

Future Funk Squad "Retro Music Festival 2014"

01. - 2 SINNERS "In Circles"  FFS Remix
02. - "Satisfaxion Boot"
03. - SOTEG "Crowd React" FFS & Madam Breaks Remix 
04. - FFS "Riffulator" 
05. - General Midi "The Westerner" 
06. - Brothers of Dub "Same Frequency" FFS Remix
07. - The Prodigy "Funky Shit" FFS Rr-Edit 
08. - Aquasky "Satellite Channel"
09. - FFS "Sorcerary Dust"
10. - Madam Breaks "Breakspinner" 
11. - "Carnival"
12. - "Higher Scram of Consciousness"

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Free Track - David Tort & Abel Ramos - Getting Heavy - Beatz Projekted Remix

Beatz Projekted does it again! This time around he devastates the dance floor with a peak-time, Electro House, crowd rocker, with a remix of David Tort and Abel Ramos' "Getting Heavy"!!!

A quick mix-in leads listeners into the first large breakdown, fueled by the dirty flow of vocals from Nick Marsh, gradually building up to the meat of "Getting Heavy", in which Beatz Projekted goes into all out bassline madness hitting us with massive amounts of sub driving frequencies! 

With a second epic breakdown, and a larger than life mix-out, Beatz Projekted gives us all a perfect banger for the beginning of the week!    

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Fast Fingers - Jon1st - PLX-1000 Performance

Holy fast fingers and dope beats Batman, it's Jon1st and he's here to put Pioneer's brand new PLX-1000 turntables through their paces.

Champion of the 2013 DMC Online Competition, Jon1st is described as a "Dj's Dj". Currently a resident at DROP in Leicester, Under The Counter in Birmingham and Soundcrash in London, Jon1st is making a seious name for himself since his judge stunning set for the DMC.

Not only can Jon1st scratch and juggle with the best of them but his savvy mixing skills have had him as a guest on numerous radio shows from names like the legendary Solid Steel Podcast, The Foreign Beggars Par Excellence show and many more.

When he's not in the club working his magic, Jon1st is out on the road hitting the festival scene having played all kinds of big events from Bestival and Shambala to The Big Chill and Strawberry Fields.

Check out what Jon1st can do behind the decks in the video below and find out more via the links at the bottom.

Jon1st Website -

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PLX-1000 Truntables -